Release of FLUKA 2011.3.0 (new licences)

A new version of FLUKA, 2011.3.0, has been released. Starting with this release, FLUKA is distributed under new licences.

Different licensing conditions apply to the use of the FLUKA binary library packages and the FLUKA source code. The latter is available to institutes/universities which obtained an institutional license from CERN (free of charge), as well as to CERN Staff and Fellows.

Institutes which are interested in obtaining an institutional FLUKA license are kindly requested to use the contact form.

User registration is mandatory for downloading the package (see registration instructions). Please note that previous FLUKA user ids (so-called FUIDs) do not grant access to the FLUKA packages on this website, but a new registration is required.

Registered users can download the latest FLUKA release under this link, which also provides a summary of the release highlights.

The new release is available as binary libraries for GNU/Linux (gfortran >= 7.4) and macOS (gfortran >= 8.3). Installation instructions can be found here, including guidelines for setting up FLUKA/Flair on Windows 10 using the Linux Subsystem (support for running FLUKA/Flair Docker container on previous Windows versions will be provided at the request of the community).

Users of the Flair Graphical User Interface are requested to download the latest flair version (Flair 3) from Previous Flair versions are not compatible with the latest FLUKA release.