Registration for downloading FLUKA

The FLUKA packages distributed on this website are available to registered users only. Please follow the instructions below. Registration is one time only.

Previous FLUKA user ids (so-called FUIDs) do not grant access to the FLUKA packages on this website, but a new registration is required.

Registration procedure:

Step 1*: Create CERN Lightweight Account (using your institutional/university email address is highly recommended)


A message will be sent to your address with an activation link. Click on the link and choose a password. This will complete the Lightweight registration process.

*Not needed if you already have a CERN Lightweight Account or a regular CERN account.

Step 2: Fill in the FLUKA User Registration form (requires login with the account created in Step 1). Please find here the CERN Privacy Notice for FLUKA user registrations.


A message will be sent to your address with a subscription link. Subscriptions are subject to approval. Upon approval, you will receive a final (automatic) confirmation email.

Please account for one working day until your FLUKA User Registration (Step 2) has been processed. In case of registration problems, please use the contact form.

Registration FAQ:

I filled in the "FLUKA User Registration" webform but I can still not download the FLUKA packages?

Registration as a FLUKA user is subject to approval. Once you subscribed to the e-group (see the message which you will receive after completing the webform in Step 2), please account for up to one working day until your subscription request has been processed. You will receive an automatic confirmation email upon approval. Please note that, once you have received the confirmation, it might still take a couple of hours until the registration database has been updated and you can download the FLUKA packages.

I am CERN Staff member or Fellow. Do I still need to register as a FLUKA user to download the packages?

Yes, registration as a FLUKA user (Step 2) is still required to get access to the FLUKA packages.

We would like to have a central installation of FLUKA on a computing cluster at an university/institute. Do we need to obtain an Institutional FLUKA licence?

No, an institutional licence is not needed if the installation is based on the FLUKA binary libraries. However, it is mandatory that all users of the central FLUKA installation register on this website ("I am affiliated with an institute ... NOT holding an institutional FLUKA licence") and accept the FLUKA Single User Licence Agreement.

Can I use FLUKA as a private individual for academic or educational purposes?

Yes, you can get access to the FLUKA Software with binary libraries. But you have to specify during the registration procedure (Step 2) for which purpose you intend to use FLUKA.

Does registration automatically give me the right to download the FLUKA source code?

The source code can only be downloaded by registered users affiliated with an academic institute/university which obtained an institutional license from CERN (see licenses). Any institute/university which is interested in obtaining such a license is encouraged to use the contact form. The source is also available to CERN Staff members and Fellows who registered on this website.

Do I need to register for downloading the graphical user interface Flair on

No registration is needed for downloading Flair.

I subscribed as a FLUKA user on, but I would to unsubscribe. How can I do that?

Please fill in the contact form, chosing the option "Unsubscribe as a FLUKA user". Make sure that use the same email address as in the registration process. Your registration data will then be deleted and you will no longer be able to download the FLUKA packages on this website.