FLUKA.CERN Advanced Course (June 5 - June 9, 2023)

Dear FLUKA users,

We hope this message finds you well.

It is our pleasure to announce that registration is open for the upcoming Advanced FLUKA course, taking place from 5 June to 9 June at Argonne National Lab, IL, US.

Please go to the registration tab of the event indico page : https://indico.cern.ch/e/advfluka2023

This training will consist of a series of lectures and exercises, aimed at intermediate/advanced users of the code. This programme is complemented by an embedded user's workshop: an optional opportunity for each participant to present their project and the results they obtained with FLUKA.

We will adjust the final timetable based on the precise number of featured workshop contributions. When finalized, it will be published on the Indico page.

Participants are asked to be registered as FLUKA users at https://fluka.cern/ and to have installed the latest released version of both FLUKA and Flair on their machines. No installation support will be provided at the course. Meanwhile, technical questions can be addressed to the FLUKA Forum.

The course fee amounts to 1000 CHF for academic users and 2000 CHF for commercial users. This fee covers coffee breaks and lunch every day of the course plus the social dinner. It does not cover accommodation.

Note that the course registration is a two-step process: you will first receive an automatic e-mail acknowledging the initiation of your registration; then, after approval, you will receive a second automatic e-mail to proceed to the fee payment (see the event page for more details). Registrations can only be considered complete after the fee payment (or proof thereof) has been received. You have two weeks from the time of approval to complete the payment. After that, the registration will be dropped to give other participants from the waiting list a chance to participate.

Please note that the course will take place in-person in Argonne, and no arrangements will be made for remote connection. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure all travel arrangements are made in time (regulatory, health and financial arrangements, as well as the Argonne FNAP procedure). We are happy to provide invitation letters if required/useful towards obtaining your visa.

For your information: In the fall, we are going to organise a beginner course. Details of the exact time and place are yet to be finalized, and we will announce it as soon as possible through email and forum.

For further clarification, feel free to contact us at fluka.course@cern.ch

Thank you for your sustained interest in FLUKA,

Kind regards,