Release of FLUKA 4-1.1

Dear FLUKA users,

It is our pleasure to announce that a new minor release of the FLUKA code, FLUKA 4-1.1, has been issued and can be downloaded from

Please find at the bottom of this message the list of included bug fixes.

With our best regards,

The FLUKA developer team at CERN and collaborating institutes

=== Fluka-4.1.1 ===


  • Fixed the issues reported in including two further single-precision-induced crashes in rQMD which led respectively to a non-positive center-of-mass momentum and an array index out of bounds. Additionally fixed a few rare crashes due to uninitialized nuclear spin and parity in the course of nucleus-nucleus collisions and electromagnetic dissociation involving exotic isotopes.

  • Fixed rare crashes in the aftermath of sub-150-MeV/n nucleus-nucleus interactions going through complete fusion for heavy isotopes: instead of failing to deal with these systems in FLUKA's pre-equilibrium module, the code now treats them directly through its evaporation module.

  • Fixed bookkeeping error in the propagation of spin and parity in inverse kinematics for nucleus-nucleus interactions such that the projectile nucleus is heavier than the target.

  • Handling of possible pathological light fragments returned by BME.

  • Fixed a rare crash due to a muon pair production event by a photon which led to a slightly negative target recoil energy.

  • If NOMORE is set different from zero in the source.f user routine, the total kinetic energy and the total primary weight are now correctly printed in the output file (they were off by the contribution of the discarded event before).

  • Fixed the DETECT card scoring crash reported in removing at the same time the "Detect: Histogram overflow" warnings formerly appearing when the deposited energy exceeded the upper limit of the DETECT-card histogram.