Release of FLUKA 4-2.1

Dear FLUKA users,

It is our pleasure to announce that a new minor release of the FLUKA code, FLUKA 4-2.1, has been issued and can be downloaded from here. 

See the release notes at the bottom of this message for a detailed account of all novelties. Many thanks to all users who reported the
issues here addressed.

With our kindest regards,

The FLUKA developer team at CERN and collaborating institutes

=== Fluka-4.2.1 ===


- TENDL reaction cross section for protons on 13C is now used below the 13C(p,n) threshold.

  Ref: A.J. Koning, D. Rochman, J.-Ch. Sublet, N. Dzysiuk, M. Fleming, S. van der Marck, TENDL: Complete Nuclear Data Library for Innovative Nuclear Science and Technology, Nuclear Data Sheets, Volume 155, 2019, Pages 1-55, ISSN 0090-3752.


- Following the user request under this forum post the maximum number of DETECT scorings has been increased from 20 to 100.


- Fixed geometry error reported in this forum post which was traced back to an occasionally incorrect setting of the initial position of optical photons from local/sub-threshold energy depositions.

- Fixed a rare crash in electromagnetic dissociation event for virtual photons with energy below threshold for photonuclear reaction.

- Fixed crash reported in this forum post whereby the kinetic energies of decay alpha particles were not systematically included in the tabulation of electronic stopping power done at initialization.

- Fixed rare crash reported in this forum post whereby the evaluation of the antiproton capture probability for 4He failed.

- Fixed bug when setting up residual nucleus scoring for semi-analogue radioactive decay simulations.

- Fixed bug leading to inconsistent memory allocation in auxiliary post-processing tools when the number of angular bins exceeded the number of energy bins, reported in this forum post.

- Fixed bug in SPECSOUR with SDUM=PPSOURCE, CROSSASY, or CROSSSYM which led to inconsistent results in case of first beam particles heavier than second beam particles.