Release of FLUKA 4-3.0

Dear FLUKA users,

It is our pleasure to announce that a new major release of the FLUKA code, FLUKA 4-3.0, has been issued and can be downloaded from here. 

See the release notes at the bottom of this message for a detailed account of all new features, among which we wish to highlight the availability of a novel point-wise treatment for neutron interactions below 20 MeV.

Please observe that in order to benefit from this feature, further packages need to be downloaded and installed, as detailed here.

In the latest version of the Mac OSX operating system, gfortran8 is no longer supported. We have therefore stopped the distribution of the gfortran8 FLUKA binary package for Mac.

To profit from the new features, please update to the latest version of Flair available here.

With our kindest regards,
The FLUKA developer team at CERN and Collaborating Institutes


=== Fluka-4.3.0 ===


  • A new point-wise treatment has been included for the interactions of low-energy neutrons (below 20 MeV), controlled by the new LOW-PWXS card. The download of at least one additional package is required, as detailed here.

  • The code is now aligned with DPMJET v19.3.2, fixing spurious features in kaon spectra from nucleus-nucleus collisions at energies of ~10 GeV/n.

  • Scoring of athermal-recombination-corrected displacements per atom (arc-DPA) has been added, requiring two new user-specified parameters, as detailed in the MAT-PROP card documentation. Generalized particle DPA-NRES (#245) has been deprecated and replaced by the Norgett-Robinson-Torrens DPA-NRT.

  • The emission of synchrotron radiation photons along charged particle steps, in vacuum regions subject to a magnetic field, has been implemented and is requested via the SYRASTEP card.

  • Mass distribution of 226Ra fission fragments was corrected, addressing this forum post.


  • The new DETGEB card allows the user to apply a Gaussian broadening to energy deposition spectra scored with the DETECT card.

  • The maximum number of regions of interest (ROI) in voxel geometries has been increased from 100 to 400.

  • In the source_newgen.f user routine, sampling from a spectrum file (energy, intensity) was added.

  • The code manual has been recast in restructured text format, providing the user with three consistent versions: text, pdf, and html. The latter is accessible at .